Free printable Advent coloring book and Bible Christmas coloring pages |

 Advent is the Christian season of preparation before Christmas. It begins four Sundays before Christmas. The Catholic church entered Lent on November 30, 2014. During Advent, people practice gospel virtues of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. They follow Advent calendars with Bible readings and prayers.

For a more interactive children's Advent calendar, why not use Christmas themed coloring pages? Have kids color one each night before Christmas. Here is a free printable Advent coloring book with Bible pictures and readings from the Christmas story. DL-TK has assembled a 24-page Bible coloring book, with one page for each day of December to Christmas.

Free printable Advent coloring book and Bible Christmas coloring pages |

Lemonade recipes, luscious, low-sugar lemon treats for Thanksgiving dinner

When life gives you lemons, don't just make lemonade, celebrate it! August 20 is National Lemonade Day. Doesn't that just get you thirsty for a tall glass of cool, refreshing lemonade? Here are lemonade recipes and luscious low-sugar lemon treats for the holiday! And these recipes are perfect for fall holidays like Thanksgiving. Lemons, in fall themed meals? Sure! It makes a nice refreshing changeup from all the pumpkin and mincemeat!  Lemonade recipes, luscious, low-sugar lemon treats for Lemonade Day - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Cheapest prices on Christmas dinner foods, fixings and trimmings

 Turkey prices are lower, but we'll spend more on our 2014 Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners overall, said Bloomberg November 20. Here are ways to save and get cheapest prices on the bird, dinner foods, fixings and trimmings. Save big on Thanksgiving turkeys shopping at local grocery stores rather than big box distributors like Walmart. Albertson's is selling Honeysuckle White turkeys $.59 a pound if you buy $20 worth of groceries. Similarly, Meijer up north has turkeys 50 percent off with $20 purchase. Don't forget your mPerks rewards card for more savings and snag Meijer toy deals while you're there. Gordon Food Service sells birds for $.49 with purchase.  Cheapest prices on Christmas dinner foods, fixings and trimmings - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Diet and lose weight through Thanksgiving holiday binges? I did and you can too!

Holiday season 2014 fast approaches. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Year's Day, Epiphany--whatever combination of those holidays you celebrate, there's a common factor: food. And the concern uppermost in dieter's minds, is how to navigate food blowouts. Good question: THMEDIA said in a November 3 report that the average person gains 1.5 pounds at the holidays. Well, folks, I've got good--no great--news. I lost 100 pounds (check the slideshow) even with holiday binges and vacations blowouts. Here are a few holiday-specific tips.  Diet and lose weight through holiday binges? I did and you can too! - Grand Rapids Holidays |

Make Thanksgiving Crafts Easy with Free Printable SVG Patterns

I love many things about Thanksgiving Day--cooking, feasting, being with family. I also love making holiday crafts. What I don't like is struggling to make my own craft patterns. Happily, I don't need to with these free printable stencils . Whether you use a paper die cutting machine like Cricut or make patterns free hand, you'll want these free printable SVG (scalable vector graphics) patterns.   Free Printable SVG Patterns for Scrapbooking and Cricut Machines 

Native American Indian Crafts and Costumes Using Recycled Materials

 Many schools teach Native American history around Thanksgiving. Fall just seems to lend itself to American Indian culture studies. Here are cross-curricular lesson plans including Native American costume crafts made from recycled paper bags. Perfect for Halloween and trick-or-treat dress-ups. Use for social studies lesson plans and preschool dramatic play.Native American Indian Crafts and Costumes from Your Recycle Bin

Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Crafts

 When I was six, my father, mother and I moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. I was adopted into the tribe and my Tlinget name is Dok-du-Yik. I totally enjoyed the cultural immersion experience. I fondly remember the various Pacific Northwest native designs, especially the Totem poles.Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Crafts