Make Thanksgiving Crafts Easy with Free Printable SVG Patterns

I love many things about Thanksgiving Day--cooking, feasting, being with family. I also love making holiday crafts. What I don't like is struggling to make my own craft patterns. Happily, I don't need to with these free printable stencils . Whether you use a paper die cutting machine like Cricut or make patterns free hand, you'll want these free printable SVG (scalable vector graphics) patterns.   Free Printable SVG Patterns for Scrapbooking and Cricut Machines 

Native American Indian Crafts and Costumes Using Recycled Materials

 Many schools teach Native American history around Thanksgiving. Fall just seems to lend itself to American Indian culture studies. Here are cross-curricular lesson plans including Native American costume crafts made from recycled paper bags. Perfect for Halloween and trick-or-treat dress-ups. Use for social studies lesson plans and preschool dramatic play.Native American Indian Crafts and Costumes from Your Recycle Bin

Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Crafts

 When I was six, my father, mother and I moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. I was adopted into the tribe and my Tlinget name is Dok-du-Yik. I totally enjoyed the cultural immersion experience. I fondly remember the various Pacific Northwest native designs, especially the Totem poles.Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Crafts

Budget Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpiece Like Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an awesome store, if you don't mind paying an arm and two legs for home decor. I do. So I create my own versions. Here's a budget, homemade Thanksgiving centerpiece like pottery barn, featuring recycled and natural fall elements.

Select an attractive glass, crystal or pottery bowl or platter from your China cabinet. You can even use a punch bowl, wicker or rattan basket, chafing tray or serving dish. If the bowl is clear, the decorations show through, but you can create a lovely holiday centerpieces with baskets, too.

Fill bowl or basket with plastic or wooden apples, mini pumpkins, natural or spray-painted leaves, acorns, nut shells, twigs, evergreen boughs and pine cones. Intermingle with red and gold Christmas tree bead garlands.

For a fragrant Thanksgiving Pottery centerpiece, add potpourri, incense cones, scented wax cubes, dried berries, cinnamon bark or cloves.

To create Pottery Barn's signature holiday birch log candles, wrap a hot, moist cloth around an ivory colored pillar candle. This will warm and texturize wax. Using brown or black Sharpie marker, draw horizontal bark patterns and knot holes. Use brown shoe polish to highlight and shadow.

These candles retail for $30-$80 at Pottery Barn. You can make similar candles for cents on the dollar.

Put Children to Work Helping With Thanksgiving Day Preparations

Entertaining little ones during holiday preparations can be a real juggling act. I've been a teacher for almost 30 years and a mom for 25. I know about making things kid friendly. I say don't just entertain, put them to work helping. Here are ways kids can help with Thanksgiving.   Ways Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Preparations

Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Preparations with Free Printables

As a 30-year teacher, 25-year mom and 10-year homeschooler, I know how to make activities kid-friendly. Take holiday preparations--don't just plunk kids in front of the TV. Put them to work helping. Good for them, good for you. Here are ways kids can help with Thanksgiving making free printable decorations and crafts. Ways Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Preparations

Free Printable Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Do you like to send holiday cards but find them too expensive? $5 for a greeting cards that's going to get thrown away? Seriously, who can afford that? Well, did you know you can print cards at home and it costs nothing? Here are free printable Thanksgiving cards to make and send. All you have to provide is a printer, paper and ink. Or go to the library and print for 10 to 15 cents. Quite a savings.  Read on for linksFree Thanksgiving Cards, Crafts and Games to Print