Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Preparations

Entertaining little ones during holiday preparations can be a real juggling act. I've been a teacher for almost 30 years and a mom for 25. I know about making things kid friendly. I say don't just entertain, put them to work helping. Here are ways kids can help with Thanksgiving.
  Ways Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Preparations

Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Preparations with Free Printables

Entertaining kids during holiday preparations can be a real juggling act. I've been a teacher for 30 years and a mom for 25. I know about making things kid friendly. I say don't just entertain, put them to work helping. Good for them, good for you. Here are ways kids can help with Thanksgiving making free printable decorations and crafts. Ways Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Preparations

Free Printable Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Do you like to send holiday cards but find them too expensive? $5 for a greeting cards that's going to get thrown away? Seriously, who can afford that? Well, did you know you can print cards at home and it costs nothing? Here are free printable Thanksgiving cards to make and send. All you have to provide is a printer, paper and ink. Or go to the library and print for 10 to 15 cents. Quite a savings.  Read on for linksFree Thanksgiving Cards, Crafts and Games to Print

Free Printable Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar Crafts

Several years ago, I wrote an article for a free printable Thanksgiving countdown calendar from Family Fun. That link is on this site. Well, Family Fun's website has changed. It's now Spoonful. The links I used redirect there and all the crafts are still available. Buuut...some are a little harder to find with the new site reorganization-wouldn't you know? Here's the new link for the countdown to Thanksgiving calendar. It's listed in the icon list on the right under "Top 14 Thanksgiving Printables." Don't try to print it from the little image I'm using here. Go to Spoonful for the printable.

The reason I didn't link you directly to the calendar is that I don't want you to miss the other cute Thanksgiving crafts to print. In fact, that's the the top 14 Thanksgiving. There are more Thanksgiving and scads more printables for other holidays and Disney movies. I'd print a craft a day for kids to make each day before a holiday. Good countdown and keeps them and you from going stir-crazy. Here's the link to my article with ideas on how to use a holiday countdown calendar. Free Printable Countdown to Thanksgiving Calendar 

Squash Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Squash is a superfood, rich in betacarotene. We need 4 servings of green, leafy vegetables and 2 servings of orange veggies daily. So here are five squash recipes to ramp up the vitamins. Substitute sweet potatoes or pumpkin if you like. Perfect for autumn and Thanksgiving dinner. Most recipes are vegetarian or vegan or can easily be tweaked to be made meatless. They're kosher and halal, too.  Weekly Kids Snack Menu Healthy School Lunches S is for Squash

Free Halloween Games to Print and Make

Okay, so these games are for Halloween, but they could be used for harvest, fall or Thanksgiving themes. Make interactive, educational games with these free printable cut and paste activities. Children can make games all by themselves. Perfect for classroom, homeschool, preschool and Halloween parties. The cool thing about printable games is they do double duty--a craft project that entertains kids and a reusable game they can enjoy later. You could even use as party prizes--triple duty! Laminate the game boards and pieces and store them in a Zip-loc bag. Use over and over again. And don't tell the children, but these games are educational--quadruple duty! Oh does it get any better?? Read on  Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Games to Make

Thanksgiving Apple Fun for Kids

I confess to an almost cult-like devotion to apples. Living in Michigan, they're a cash crop. But it goes deeper. Apples are as American as Uncle Sam. Gatherings in the US often include an apple treat. Apples are also the perfect theme for fall lessons. Here's an interactive, cross-curricular apple unit with crafts, recipes, science, art, creative writing, math, social studies, practical life, field trips, community-builders even a party. Perfect for Thanksgiving, too.  I've added free printable apple-themed lesson plans and worksheets for activity extenders. Preschool Apple Unit, Cross-Curricular Hands-on Crafts, Activities, Recipes 

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes Children Can Make

This is the first year I've noticed what a big deal pumpkin flavor is in fall--everything from ice cream to pancakes to beer. So I thought, why not tap into that beta-carotene goodness? Here are healthy recipes featuring pumpkin. And best of all, kids can make these recipes. Perfect for Thanksgiving preparations.Weekly Snack Menu, Healthy Pumpkin Themed Kids Treats

Free Thanksgiving Printables, Paper Toys, Games, Crafts

In the last eight years, I've developed a reputation for finding cool printables. I track down printable activities, lesson plans, coloring pages, crafts, games and worksheets. I write and blog about where to find them and I provide links. Here's a cool one that features Thanksgiving paper toys, crafts, games, greeting cards. Turkeys, pilgrims, native American Indans, cornucopia all the trimmings! Free Printable Paper Toys, Games for Preschool Kids - News - Bubblews

Thanksgiving Diet Tip: Eat Mostly Veggies and Fruit

I've lost 83 pounds, 40 in the last 5 months. I've been writing a series of articles on how I lost weight. Thanksgiving is a rough time for us dieters as we look down the barrel of the biggest food fest in the western hemisphere! Diet wisdom varies on fats, starch, meat, salt, dairy--which are the worst for weight loss. Sometimes dairy is the culprit. Then health gurus say it's starch. From my experience, it's not so much about what you don't eat as what you do.  Diet Tip of the Day: Eat Mostly Veggies and Fruit - News - Bubblews

Diet Friendly Thanksgiving Alternative Recipes-- Cajun Jambalaya

I’ve lost over 80 pounds and I am doing the dance of joy! This holiday season I am not going to blow that hard work. So I'm preparing low calorie Thanksgiving menu recipes with food swaps
I used to lose. I’m going to keep using recipe substitutions to finish my last 25 pounds to reach goal and to maintain the weight I’m at. Today’s recipe:

Low Impact Jambalaya—I love Cajun jambalaya but it’s high calorie made the regular way. I make this base recipe and set some aside for me. Then I add the ingredients that add the calorie jolt. The orange dish in the image is jambalaya. The side is purple cabbage. I'll keep adding diet substitutions to get us through Turkey Day!  Diet Recipe of the Day Light and Yummy Cajun Jambalaya

Blogs for World Holidays Year-Round

I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and filled with joy. I'll see you next year. In the mean time, stop by my other holiday blogs listed on the sidebar blog list. I'm kinda obsessed with holidays as you can probably tell: I've got blogs for most U.S. traditions:

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Here are my religious themed holiday blogs:

Catholic Activities
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I've got links to free printable crafts, coloring pages, greeting cards, calendars, games, puzzles, crossword, mazes, lesson plans and kid stuff--whew! Click this link for Christmas

Best Foods to Donate to Thanksgiving Food Drives

Tis the season for giving and my favorite type of giving is food. I love filling grocery bags with goodies for Thanksgiving food baskets. on. I've put in many hours in food banks, food pantries and shelter missions. There are certain foods and personal items that are donated in abundance (canned beans and corn). Some items come in that there's little call for. Other foods seem to run out quickly--peanut butter, tuna, turkeys, sweet potatoes. So I've compiled a list of Best Thanksgiving Items for Food Drives 

Squash Recipes for Thanksgiving

I love fall produce shopping. The glorious riot of vegetable colors is a feast for the eyes. And bold colors in vegetables equates to nutrient-packed super-foods. But pragmatically speaking, what do you do with those funny-looking fall squashes? Here are quick, delicious vegetarian recipes that capitalize on winter squash harvest goodness. Even picky eaters will love them! Perfect for harvest dinners and Thanksgiving meals. Recipes included. Easy Vegetarian Super-Food Recipes Using Winter Squash

Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Guide--Shopping List, Menu, Recipes, Step-by-Step Preparation

Congratulations, you're hosting the Thanksgiving fest this year. Nervous? Well don't be; even if you can't get till the day before Thanksgiving here are tips to get you through. This surefire planner has all you need for shopping, preparation and cooking. This diy guide comes with free printable grocery list, recipes, step by step guide and timetable. Recipes cover turkey, giblet (and plain bread) stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberries and pies. Includes cost-cutting tips, too. Emergency Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping List, Menu and Recipes 

Kids and social justice: How parents should teach awareness, develop empathy

Sensitivity training isn't just for adults. It has to begin in childhood. It's essential that parents teach awareness--especially of social justice issues like poverty--early and often. When teaching compassion and empathy, here are things to keep in mind. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to explore ways to develop empathy in kids. There are many ways to encourage sharing and practice volunteerism. Helping at a food bank or homeless shelter is a great way to develop awareness. Read on Kids and social justice: How parents should teach awareness, develop empathy

Free Printable Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschool Kids

Hands-on preschool games and activities help build developmental skills in early childhood. There's no need to spend money on lessons for preschoolers. You can find free printable games and interactive educational materials online. Many preschool printables are also cut and paste crafts that kids can make themselves. Here are free printable alphabet activities, reading and letter games, math worksheets and shapes lessons. Lots of Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, holiday and Christmas themed free printable activities. Free Printable Preschool Games, Hands-on Activities, Lesson Plans

Free Printable Thanksgiving Pilgrims Crafts

Thanksgiving in the US celebrates the survival of the pilgrims who came on the Mayflower. We remember the difficulties faced by the pilgrims, the help they received from local native American Indians. Here are free printable pilgrim crafts.  Free Printable Pilgrim Crafts for Thanksgiving 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

It's so difficult for children to wait for an long anticipated holiday to arrive. Around our house at holiday time, we heard 'how many days till...' every day it seemed. If your little ones have difficulty waiting for a holiday, how about a countdown calendar? Countdown calendars help children track the days until the big day. Countdown calendars do double duty, too. Countdown calendars are educational and they keep children occupied productively while waiting for the holiday to arrive. Countdown calendars are a great learning tool to practice that oft-challenging skill of counting backwards. Best of all, countdown calendars are lots of fun for children and adults to make and use. They make an inexpensive, interactive family craft. Here's a free printable countdown to Thanksgiving calendar craft.  Free Printable Countdown to Thanksgiving Calendar

Free Thanksgiving Dinners in Michigan

Organizations and churches in Metro Detroit are gearing up to provide Thanksgiving dinner for those in need this year. Here are groups that host a community meal or provide free groceries to cook a Thanksgiving meal at home. Are you unemployed, disabled, shut-in, elderly, homeless, or otherwise in need? Contact one of these organizations to get food assistance. Some offer support specifically for veterans, also.

Many of these are available in other areas of Michigan. If you live elsewhere in the U.S., use this guide to locate free Thanksgiving dinners from similar agencies in your states. Churches, Second Harvest Gleaners, food banks, food pantries, VA and social services groups are good resources.

If you'd like to donate food for holiday baskets or help with meal preparation or serving, contact these groups. With Michigan cuts in food stamps and welfare cash assistance and high unemployment in Detroit, the need for assistance will be even greater in 2012.  Where to find free 2012 Thanksgiving meals

Free Printable Thanksgiving Greeting Cards, Color Your Own for Kids

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for sending greeting cards. It's a season to let people know you appreciate them. Here are free printable color your own Thanksgiving greeting cards. Children can enjoying coloring and giving to friends and loved ones. (Hint: for busy parents, coloring printed greeting cards makes a great child-minder activity!) Read more at  Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page Greeting Cards 

Free Printable Apple Activities for Thanksgiving, Fall Preschool Lesson Plans

Apples are a popular theme for fall lesson plans, especially for preschool lessons. Apples tie in with Thanksgiving  themes, too. Looking for apple activities? Have I got a great sweet treat for you--a plethora of free printable apple-themed fun. This booklet includes apple math activities, science puzzles, social studies lessons and history extensions. There are printable creative writing prompts, word games and more. Read more at Free Printable Apple Activities for Fall Preschool Lesson Plans

Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs, Coloring Pages

Looking for Native American crafts to use with preschool, home school or in classroom lessons? This guide provides links for free printable totem pole crafts and Indian designs. I've been interested in native American lore since I was child. When I was six my family moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. Autumn and back to school are great times to explore Native American Indian culture. Here are free printable totem pole design templates. Totem poles are an important part of Native American Indian culture, particularly in the Pacific Northwest Indian tribes like the Tlinget. and Chilkat that I lived with and also the Kwakiutl, Haida and Tsimshian.  Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Coloring Pages

Free Printable Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving Activities

Free Printable Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving What would the Thanksgiving holiday be for children without turkey crafts? I've been hunting web wide to bring you free printable Thanksgiving turkey crafts for your children, day care, homeschool, classroom, 4H group or scout troop. These are crafts can be made with little more than scissors, glue or tape, crayons and a printer with color ink cartridge. If you print in black ink, your kids or students can get double fun using them as a coloring craft. Read more

Free Printable Seasonal and Holiday Greeting Cards and Coloring Pages

Free Printable Thanksgiving, Seasonal and Holiday Greeting Cards and Coloring Pages Are you looking for a good seasonal and holiday coloring pages website? Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price has free printable coloring pages for Fall, Winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Perfect for little ones to color on rainy days. Make free, diy greeting cards to send to friends and family. Don't forget to have children make a card for an elderly neighbor or shut-in. It's a great bonding time for child and adult. Click here for cards.